Dec 2021 - June 2022

A national review of sexual harm, sexual harassment and systemic discrimination in the contemporary Australian music industry and recommendations for reform.

The Review

Consultants Alexandra (Alex) Shehadie and Sam Turner have been engaged to undertake a national Music Industry Review on sexual harm, sexual harassment and systemic discrimination in the contemporary Australian music industry. They will undertake a comprehensive consultation process after which time they will provide a report on their findings and recommendations. The recommendations will be designed to ensure the music industry has a safe, respectful and inclusive culture. The work will span 6 months and involve consultation through focus groups, one-on-one interviews, confidential written submissions and an online survey.

The Objective

The aim of the Music Industry Review is to hear the stories and experiences of a range of music professionals from the contemporary music industry to inform a deep understanding of the current culture in the industry and those areas requiring reform. The final report will identify the key issues and outline a pathway for positive and sustainable change through a series of high impact recommendations and actions for the industry to implement.


The Review will be an open invitation to those who work in the music industry to share their experiences of working in that industry. It will include participants from the live and recorded industries, labels and publishers, artists and artist managers, agents, festival and event production staff and others who work in the industry.

The Review will not investigate any individual incident but will be a broad cultural review. It will be an opportunity for people to share their stories, have their voices heard, and propose ideas on how the industry can be a safer, more inclusive and respectful workplace.

The consultation process will also seek to elevate the voices of the most vulnerable or at risk in the industry ensuring that their lived experience will inform any reforms required to strengthen the culture of workplaces across the industry.

Who's Involved

  • The consultants will lead the Music Industry Review

  • Specialist facilitators, such as First Nations people, will be engaged to host focus groups with specific groups to ensure cultural safety. Additional facilitators may be engaged to assist with other specific focus groups

  • An Industry Liaison will be appointed to work alongside the consultants to provide industry and administrative support

  • The consultants will partner with a research body to develop and administer the online survey and provide analysis of the results

  • The consultants will engage a First Nations advisor to review the overall report, but with specific attention to elevating Black voices throughout the report and recommendations

  • Support for people with accessibility requirements will also be provided

  • Three members of the original Temporary Working Group will continue to support continuity and ensure the review keeps on track. These three will be offered an honorarium for their work

  • Everyone working within the contemporary music industry is encouraged to participate

What's Involved

The national Music Industry Review will be comprised of:

  • A national survey

  • A confidential online written submissions process

  • Focus groups across a range of areas and demographics

  • Confidential one-on-one interviews

The focus groups will be conducted having regard to the roles people have in the industry, their stage of career, cultural background, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation. Specific sessions will also be conducted with artists and industry executives. In focus groups with First Nations people, a First Nations facilitator will be engaged to ensure inclusion and cultural safety.


The 6-month Review will launch in December 2021, but at the recommendation of expert advice, the interviews and focus groups will commence in February 2022.

This will allow time for the survey to be developed, whilst also allowing time for an industry still reeling from COVID-19 impacts to recover and prepare. This timeline is approximate only.

Dec 2021Public Announce
-Fundraising commences
-Industry Liaison advertised
Feb - May 2022Industry Liaison engaged
-Confidential submissions open
-One-on-one confidential interviews commence
-Focus Groups commence
-National survey delivered
-Report drafting
-Survey analysis complete
June 2022Report and Recommendations delivered

Budget & Governance

Support Act will auspice the Music Industry Review. Support Act are responsible for:

  • Contract with the consultants

  • MOU with representatives from the original working group (project oversight)

  • Contract with the Industry Liaison

  • Manage payment of invoices and receipt of funds

  • Financial updates

This project requires an arms-length and decentralised funding approach to ensure the independence of the consultation. Accordingly, it is the whole of our industry that needs to lean-in and support project delivery through direct funding and/or in-kind. We will look to sourcing funding from across our industry, philanthropy and government sources.

The key expenditure of this project includes:

  • Consultant fees

  • National survey

  • Ethics approval (if required)

  • Accessibility

  • Additional supporting facilitators

  • Industry Liaison salary

  • Working Group honorarium

  • Legal

We are currently seeking funding for the Review, with a total target of AUD $400,000.

We’re asking industry businesses, organisations and individuals to make a financial contribution to this work that aligns with their business turnover. The below is a guide for contribution:

Tier 1$25k+
Tier 2$15k
Tier 3$5k
Tier 4$1k - $3k

To discuss making a financial contribution to the project please contact:


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Music Industry Review (Full Overview)
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List of Funders

Funding of the Music Industry Review provided by:
(in alphabetical order)

Artists Only
Australia Council
Country Music Association of Australia (CMAA)
Electronic Music Conference (EMC)
Catherine Haridy Management
Leanne de Souza
Lemon Tree Music
Live Nation
Media Arts Lawyers
Music Tasmania
Music Victoria
Nettwerk Music Group
One Louder
Sony Music Entertainment Australia
Support Act
The Annex
UNIFIED Music Group
Universal Music Australia
Warner Music Australia

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News & Events

Upcoming Events

RECAP: Monday, 13th December 2021
Music Industry Review: National Industry Briefing

The Temporary Working Group invites you to listen to the industry briefing that happened on Monday 13th, December 2021 to over 500 attendees on Zoom regarding the appointment of expert consultants to deliver a national Music Industry Review on sexual harm, sexual harassment, and systemic discrimination in the contemporary Australian music industry.

Anyone working within the contemporary music industry is invited to listen to this briefing to meet, and hear from, the consultants, and be updated with details regarding the rollout of the national review including timeline, methodology, approach, the report process, and all the ways you can get involved.

Latest News

Thursday, 9th December 2021


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Press Releases
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